A Modo Nostro $

L)$13.99 D)$18.99
Baby shrimp sauteed in a garlic white wine sauce with a touch of marinara, served over fettuccini pasta.

Calamari Freschi $

L)$12.99 D)$18.99
Tender rings of calamari sauteed and served in a marinara sauce over linguini.

Capellini Positano $

L)$12.99 D)$19.99
Jumbo lump crab meat, tossed with fresh plum tomatoes, pure olive oil, garlic and basil.

Linguini alla Scampia $

L)$13.99 D)$19.99
Jumbo shrimp sauteed with garlic in a white wine lemon sauce.

Paccheri allo Scoglio $

L)$15.99 D)$22.99
Fresh mussels, whole little neck clams and crab meat sauteed with garlic in a fresh plum tomato sauce.

Ravioli Mare e Monti $

L)$15.99 D)$23.99
Homemade black ravioli, filled with lobster meat, served with sauteed tender sea scallops, crab meat, baby shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms  in a white wine cream tomato sauce.

Risotto del Pescatore $

L)$15.99 D)$23.99
Baby shrimp, clams,mussels, calamari and bay scallops combined in a light marinara sauce and served with Italian Arborio
white rice.

Spaghetti alle Cozze $

L)$11.99 D)$16.99
Fresh mussels in your choice of a zesty marinara sauce or garlic white wine sauce.

Spaghettia Vongole $18.99

L)$12.99 D)$18.99
Tender, whole little neck clams sauteed with garlic in a white wine or zesty marinara sauce.

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