Aglio & Olio $

L)$8.99  D)$11.99
Sliced garlic and extra virgin olive oil with fresh herbs.

Ai Funghi $

L)$8.99 D)$11.99
Mushrooms sauteed in a garlic white wine marinara sauce.

Alla Vodka $

L)$10.99  D)$14.99
Diced bacon, sauteed with shallots in a cream tomato sauce.

Arrabbiata (spicy) $

L)$11.99 D)$15.99
Sliced hot peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives and imported prosciutto in a tomato sauce.

Aurora $

L)$10.99  D)$14.99
Shiitake mushrooms, pine nuts and sundried tomatoes sauteed with shallots in a white wine pesto-cream tomato sauce.

Bolognese $

L)$10.99  D)$14.99
Ground meat with onions, tomato sauce, carrots and fresh basil with a touch of cream.

Casalinga $

L)$11.99  D)$15.99
Veal cubes cooked in caramelized onions, carrots and green peas. Served with marinara sauce and a touch of cream.

Contadina $

L)$9.99  D)$14.99
Sweet sausage, green bell peppers and mushrooms served in a pomodoro sauce.

Della Nonna $

L)$9.99  D)$12.99
Italian meatballs, served in our tomato sauce.

Gypsy $

L)$10.99  D)$14.99
Fresh tomatoes, black olives, artichokes and mushrooms sauteed with garlic in a white wine marinara sauce.

Pesto Sauce $

L)$9.99  D)$14.99
Ground basil, garlic, olive oil, parmesan and pine nuts with alfredo sauce.

Pomodoro Fresco $

L)$8.99  D)$11.99
Chopped plum tomatoes sauteed in a garlic white wine sauce with a touch or marinara.

Primavera $

L)$11.99 D)$15.99
Seasonal vegetables and fresh tomatoes sauteed in olive oil and garlic with a light marinara sauce.

Puttanesca $

L)$10.99  D)$14.99
Classic marinara sauce, garlic, black olives, capers and anchovies.

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